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In 2017 , with her project Zulema's Mambo Queens , Zulema returns to the tradition of rebellious women.
She takes us back to the nightlife in Havana of the fifties , to the pre-revolutionary Cuba.

With her big band of 24 women , she brings an unseen mix of mambo and swing , and shows that the
unique Cuban culture and indentity wil always survive.

Cuban women have the spirit of the revolution in their blood.

In the fifties , female Cuban artists were not considered able to play the Cuban ‘son’ music.
Cuchito Castro and her 11 sisters responded to this attitude with the legendary big band Anacoana.

With their lively mix of son , mambo and jazz and their naughty lyrics , Anacoana succeeded in setting
the hot nightclubs in Havana even more on fire.

The Castro sisters were the guerilleras of Cuban music , they became the female Buena Vista Social Club.

Together with other female artists , they played a major role in the spread of Cuban culture and
strengthened the self conscience of Cuban women.

Viva las reinas del mambo , viva las mujeres de Cuba.